Reports and Abstracts

Specialists, whose scientific-practical activity is related  to Congress  themes, can publish their abstracts in abstract collection.

Submitted abstracts can be applied as spoken reports. The Organizing Committee takes the decision about report programme content. Abstract authors, included in Congress programme, will be notified individually.

Abstract publication is payable.

Payment of abstract publication:

RUR - 600


Attention! Abstract admission is:

  • untill 15 September, 2016 - abstracts applied for scientific programme and speech on the Congress;

  • untill 15 October, 2016 - abstracts non-participated in scientific programme applied only for publication in abstract collection. 


Requirements to abstracts execute

  • Submitted abstracts should be executed according to the requirements and fulfilled in the application form.
  • Abstracts must be original. Abstracts being once presented or published, will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts must use the following structured format: 


    Objectives (or Aim),



  • Refereed reports and literature overviews are not accepted for publishing.
  • All abbreviations, except for units of measure, can be used only after term references.
  • The text body of the abstract should not contain tables, diagrams, pictures.
  • The text body of the abstract (not incluing the thematics) should not exceed 4500 symbols, including the spaces.

How to supply abstracts for publication?

To register in, after that:

  • enter your «Personal account»;
  • add abstract;
  • choose comfortable way of payment;
  • pay publication.

How to supply report application?

To register in and add your report abstract, after that:

  • put a mark if you wish a report performance speech while adding the abstract; 
  • wait for Organizing Committee decision;
  • if your report is included in the programme, we will get in touch with you by your  cell phone or e-mail.

Report speech does not require extra payment.


To pay for your abstract publication  go to your «Personal account»